Massimo Lunardon and dropdeep


The passion for innovation, the business philosophy of building “tailor-made” products and respondent at concrete needs, push Massimo Lunardon together with Marco Lavarda, Samuele Schiavo and Anna Marzaro at founding dropdeep, a digital startup.

Dropdeep realizes applications and instruments in cloud, usable thought a web platform The instruments realizable have the aim of optimizing the internal process of company, of adding value and of managing the relatioships with external net (clients, suppliers and collaborators), reinforcing and organising the business comunication.

The dropdeep application portfolio is constantly growing and the active projects are about to respond effectively to client and markt’s requests. Between the most successful applications we can mention plus (management of catalogs produced B2B and B2C), orders (management of shipment’s orders), publish ( comunication and sharing of content on web and social network).

Massimo Lunardon is dropdeep’s first client and the most important beta tester, this has allowed to study and experience in the field the realized applications, by expanding the work team not only to designers and web developers but also to operating people. The result is the implementation of daily used instruments and exposed to a continous improvement’s process.

Research and development in dropdeep

The strenght of dropdeep is founded on continous research, on the development of innovative solutions, strongly relevant to the business needs. In this process dropdeep looks for companies like Massimo Lunardon that feel the nessesity of innovate, of providing avante- guarde instruments and want to do it by investing time and resources through the utilization and the evolution of dropdeep web platform.

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