My artistic career begins in 1988 with the opening of my own workshop after years of apprenticeship in glass furnaces.

The need of challenging the technical limits of glass has generated a rich and intense collaboration with many established artists and designers.

This experience has also affected my own knowledge of glass blowing and has given me the chance of showing the results of my research in solo and group shows.

These activities have been accompanied in the past few years by the decision of sharing my own experience through workshops.


The company was created in 1996 as a place where a group of collaborators could gather technical capacities, artistic vocation, passion and fantasy.

The place is an ex dairy: an industrial archeology restored with very few structural interventions in order to respect its original spirit. Here we have based our professional experiences and here we work everyday on continuous improvement which translates into the evolution of our creations. All collaborators participate to an ongoing internal training.

The attention and the respect for professionality is constant throughout all the productive cycle of our activity, from the origin and the quality of the raw material to the minimum impact of production and waste on the environment.

Massimo Lunardon creations are exclusively produced within our Laboratorio in San Giorgio di Perlena, Italy.


The studio right from the beginning has been a meeting point for artists and unfolding talents: architects, artists, designers and students have found in the workshop a place open to experimental processes and collaborations. I have been given the precious opportunity to share my experience with:

Jaime Hayon – Marti Guixè – Martino Gamper – Joe Velluto – Ben Vautier – Takahide Sano – Andrea Branzi – Michele De Lucchi – Sam Baron – Aldo Cibic – Ron Arad – Massimo Giacon – Ugo Dossi – Marc Newson – Javier Mariscal – Beppe Facente – Matteo Thun – Denis Santachiara – Cleto Munari – Andrea Anastasio – Renata Boero – Giuliano Tomaino – Aldo Spoldi – Nicola Salvatore – Jakob De Chirico – Aldo Mondino – Milan Knizak – Marco Pellizzola – Ale Guzzetti – Antonio Riello – Pavel Schmidt – Mauro Cuppone – Vittorio Corsini – E.T. De Paris – Ay-O – Geoff Hendricks – Nam June Paik – Ben Patterson – Takako Saito – Mieko Shiomi – Emmett Williams – Philip Corner – Dick Higgins – Bob Wilson – Marco Nereo Rotelli – El Ultimo Grito – Paul Renner – Michael Joo – Joep Van Lieshout – Nigel Coates – Ross Lovegrove – Studio Formafantasma – Fiona Banner – Giulio Iacchetti – Alex Pinna – Antonio Aricò – Vittorio Venezia – Elena Salmistraro – Prune Nourry – Mario Trimarchi